London Symphony Chorus


Kameron Locke (he/him) is a classically trained tenor who has performed extensively throughout the Western hemisphere as both a recitalist and chorister. His recital performances have taken him to prestigious venues in Chicago, London, and Germany. During his time in London, Kameron was selected for a distinguished training opportunity at the renowned National Opera Studio.

From 2018 to 2020, Kameron sang tenor with the London Symphony Chorus. In this role, he performed both new and canonic works in a variety of languages, showcasing his versatility and skill. His engagements with the London Symphony Chorus included performances at esteemed venues throughout Europe, including the prestigious BBC Proms. This period granted Kameron access to new music and remarkable performance spaces, broadening his artistic experience and repertoire.

However, his experiences also illuminated the lack of diversity within the Western classical music space across Europe. This insight has further fueled Kameron's commitment to advocating for greater inclusion and representation in the classical music world. His tenure with the London Symphony Chorus not only enhanced his professional growth but also deepened his understanding of the cultural dynamics within the classical music industry.

kameron Locke