The Decolonial Earth


Kameron Locke is a multifaceted artist whose work seamlessly intertwines musicology, performance, and activism. His recent participation in a thought-provoking event with Françoise Vergès and Grace Dlabik exemplifies his commitment to using art as a conduit for social change. The event, moderated by Wiradjuri artist and curator Brook Garru Andrew, focused on listening and translating spaces of joy, hope, and connection, exploring the intersections of decolonial feminism, antiracist action, and community activation.

Kameron Locke's contributions to this discussion highlighted his role as a founding member of Black Art Action Berlin (BAAB), an arts-activism collective dedicated to addressing the afterlives of slavery and colonialism. Through BAAB, Locke has been instrumental in using music and performance to transmit forgotten stories and reshape narratives surrounding Black and Indigenous experiences. His insights during the event underscored the power of collaboration, art, and music in creating new ways of seeing and understanding these complex histories.

Locke's participation in this event with Françoise Vergès, a renowned political theorist and author, and Grace Dlabik, founder of BE.Collective, was a powerful testament to his dedication to community activation and empowerment. By engaging in this conversation, Locke not only shared his expertise but also reinforced the importance of rethinking how we frame the precarity of Black and Indigenous lives. His work continues to build spaces of joy and hope, fostering connections that inspire and mobilize communities towards a more inclusive and just future.

kameron Locke kameron Locke kameron Locke

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