In addition to The Village, Locke and Lugo co-founded the Classical Inclusion Program, a social justice performance initiative focused on minority preteens and teens, particularly African-American, Latinx, and new immigrant populations in Chicago. This month-long after-school series, held at Lozano Library in the culturally vibrant Pilsen neighborhood, utilized art song as a gateway to classical music and the arts. The program offered students exposure to various artistic disciplines, including poetry, composition, acting, and stage directing/performance. Teaching artists guided the students through workshops, critical music exploration, rehearsals with a pianist, and master classes. The program culminated in a recorded presentation of the students performing the art songs they created, fostering a deep connection to the arts and providing a platform for their creative expressions.

Through the Classical Inclusion Program, students crafted poetry reflecting their experiences, collaborated with composers to set their poems to music, and received acting direction to showcase the emotions and character of their pieces. This comprehensive approach not only exposed students to classical music and the arts but also addressed the social justice imperative of providing equal opportunities regardless of racial, cultural, or economic backgrounds. By engaging with racially and ethnically diverse working professionals, the program highlighted the numerous career paths within the arts, encouraging students to pursue their passions. The program instilled a sense of belonging and possibility, transforming the arts from abstract concepts into tangible and inspiring experiences.

Locke and Lugo's commitment to social justice through these initiatives ensured that all groups in society, irrespective of their differences, had equal opportunities. Their projects addressed the additional challenges posed by intersecting differences, providing marginalized students with the exposure and resources needed to explore and potentially pursue careers in the arts. Through their work, Locke and Lugo not only opened pathways to the arts but also inspired a new generation to believe in their place within these creative spaces.